UCL R User Group

The UCL R user group is a friendly group for R users to meet, hear a talk and discuss R questions. Originally set up in 2019 for staff and postgrad students at the Bartlett School of Environment, Energy and Resources (BSEER), we’ve recently opened up the group to the wider R community at UCL and beyond.

We currently meet every 4 weeks on Thursdays at 1-2pm UK time. The idea is to create a friendly space for R users to come together, listen to a talk (typically 20-40 minutes) and ask questions. We aim to have a variety of talks to benefit beginners and more advanced R users. To join the group email e.webborn@ucl.ac.uk

Some talk materials are in our Github repository. Those that can only be shared with group members will be uploaded where possible to our Microsoft Teams group. Contact me to join the group and get a link to the MS Teams group.

Announcement: R Project Showcase, Thursday 17th June 2021

We’re excited to announce the first R Project Showcase - a free online event showcasing R projects by UCL students and early-career researchers (ECRs). Dr Kirsten McMillan from Dogs Trust will be giving the keynote speech and there’ll be prizes for best student/ECR talk in each category. The book of abstracts is available here.

Check out all the details, register to attend and apply to give a talk here. Contact myself or co-organiser Scott Orr if you have any queries. Note that this event is part fo the UCL Festival of Code.

2020/21 talks (1pm every 4th Thursday)

Date (2020) Title Speaker(s)
1st Oct Teaching R remotely Aryton Bourn
29th Oct Working with data: Introducing and comparing data.table and dplyr Ellen Webborn & Jonno Bourne
26th Nov Versioning code with Git Kenan Direk
Date (2021) Title Speaker(s)
28th Jan Getting help in R* Ella Kaye
18th Feb The graph is always greener: Making (better) use of colour in R Scott Orr
25th Mar Working with large datasets in R Bin Chi
15th Apr Multilevel modelling with pretty outputs in R Andrew Mitchell
13th May Innovating with R-Studio for online course delivery: lectures, practicals, thesis templates and more! Joanna Wilkin & Andrew Maclachlan
10th Jun tba

* Slides say RLadies Coventry but otherwise they’re the same

2019/20 talks

Get involved

To find out more, join the group, offer to give a talk, or provide feedback please email e.webborn@ucl.ac.uk