thermostatically-controlled loads

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As an early-career researcher, building up a decent publication record can feel like a real battle. By the time you’ve finished your work and written it up according to your chosen journal’s particular specifications, the last thing you might feel like doing is spending more time getting it publication-ready.

Natural Heterogeneity Prevents Synchronization of Fridges With Deterministic Frequency Control

Appliances that cycle on and off throughout the day, such as fridges, freezers, and air-conditioners can collectively provide second-by-second electricity supply-demand balancing known as frequency response. Previous studies have shown that …

The dynamics of thermostatically controlled loads for power system frequency control

Major changes are under way in our power grids. Until very recently, a few hundred, very large, dependable fossil-fuelled power stations were supplying power to consumers whose only role was to use energy whenever they wanted.

A Stability Analysis of Thermostatically Controlled Loads for Power System Frequency Control

Thermostatically controlled loads (TCLs) are a flexible demand resource with the potential to play a significant role in supporting electricity grid operation. We model a large number of identical TCLs acting autonomously according to a deterministic …